Tips for using hashtags on LinkedIn

Contrary to belief, hashtags are not only fashionable and useful on Twitter and Instagram. Content can be grouped and followed by people. Most of it should be common sense, but you know ... 
#1 - Make sure your hashtags are visible 
#2 - Don’t use too many hashtags  (don`t overdo it!)
#3 - Format your hashtags (LinkedIn supports you)
#4 - Combine hashtags with your message
#5 - Place hashtags sensibly (see also #2)
#6 - Create your hashtags (they might be trending at some stage)
#7 - Don’t use hashtags for mentions
#8 - Test your hashtags (see also #5)
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Neues Projekt: IMRG Niederrhein

Wir gründen gerade eine Indian Motorcycle Riding Group – kurz IMRG – am Niederrhein.

Örtliche Indian Riders Groups bieten Ausfahrten, Events, Treffen und mehr. Du triffst dich mit anderen, um das Motorradfahren auf deine Art zu leben. 
Indian Motorcycle unterstützt auch IMRG-Ausfahrten, bei denen verschiedene Rider Groups zusammenkommen – sei es, um Spaß zu haben oder für wohltätige Zwecke. Mittlerweile gibt es über 100 Indian Motorcycle Riders Groups in Europa.

Hier die Page dazu:

I have NEWS to share!

I have NEWS to share!

With a bit of sorrow and a lot of excitement, I wish to announce my departure from SMASHDOCs by the end of this month to pursue a senior management position with an innovative US-headquartered Fortune 500 company.

Having been in Munich every week is also a stretch for the family, and my girls are looking forward to seeing me more.

In the last year, we launched and positioned SMASHDOCs as a commercial offering for various industries, won lighthouse accounts and I believe SMASHDOCs brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.

Thank you for a great business relationship during my time at SMASHDOCs. It has been a pleasure, and I hope to work with you again in the future as I will stay in the content, information, print and publishing industry.

Stay tuned for the announcement in the next coming days!


We’re hiring! Check out our job offers for #Munich and #Kiev 
Online Marketing Manager:
Inside Sales:
Frontend & Backend Developer:
Come and join us! 
#jobs #smashdocs 


With immediate effect, Christian Gericke (45), takes over the newly created position of CRO at smartwork solutions GmbH. Gericke will be responsible for the worldwide marketing and sales of SMASHDOCs, a web application for jointly creating, discussing and reviewing documents. In his role, he will also work with resellers and strategic partners such as integrators, OEMs and ISVs.
Christian Gericke
Gericke comes with vast international experience in the area of business enterprise licensing. Before joining smartwork solutions, he worked for the software company Acrolinx. In January 2014, Gericke took over as Vice President Sales & Global Client Services, for the EMEA and APAC region. As head of the global Services and Support business, he was responsible for significantly pushing sales growth in the respective regions. Furthermore, Gericke is a well-known speaker on the topic of Content Marketing at several European conferences (inc. LavaCon in Dublin and CMCX in Munich). Prior to Acrolinx, he worked for Hewlett-Packard as Regional Business Manager, responsible for the DACH countries and Eastern Europe for seven years.
Christian Marchsreiter, founder and CEO of smartwork solutions is more than pleased with the newest addition to the team: „Christian convinced us straight away with his in-depth business expertise, international network and impressive track record. He is the perfect person for the current stage of our product SMASHDOCs.
Christian Gericke is also looking forward to his new tasks: „SMASHDOCs is a powerful application, able to solve the serious, recurring problems and deficits in word processing. Given my two decades of experience in the content business, I will be able to contribute significantly to the upcoming internationalisation and further growth of the company.“


The smartwork solutions GmbH developed SMASHDOCs as a web application for easily and quickly writing and reviewing documents within or between enterprises. All changes are tracked in one single version of a document instead of creating multiple versions. With its revolutionary change tracking technology, SMASHDOCs can consistently highlight changes that are new to the user. Comparing versions manually and proof-reading consequently become superfluous.
It is possible to use SMASHDOCs as a SaaS solution on smartwork solutions‘ German-based servers or as a Managed-Private-Cloud or On-Premise installation in an enterprise network. Thanks to the flexible API, SMASHDOCs can be easily integrated as a new tool for existing web applications like social intranets, document management, content management or file sharing solutions. The Munich-based company was founded it 2013. For more information see also

Content Marketing Consultants or making the splash!

You all remember the guys in a public swimming pool.

They happen to appear in groups, a group of five maybe – one is either ugly, small, fattish or all of the above.

So, what are they doing? Do they get all the attention they want or they think deserve?

No, of course not! What are they doing about it?

They make a belly-flop and everybody is wet!

Does this make any sense? Any impact on the public? Do they get the blonde? Are they perceived differently by their friends? No, of course not!

A clear symptom, I observed a lot on conferences and in the media. Bashing colleagues especially from a different continent, making statements that the industry has failed, declaring an own point of view without any sense, is the big splash they are trying to make. 

Nothing wrong with having an edge or making a point! And no need to agree with anyone.

But these attention getters in the swimming pool share the same fate. They are still alone after the dust settled. Everybody is looking once the bomb hits the water, then they might get wet and then they fall into contempt. What an idiot!

The discussion in Germany – triggered by Thomas Strerath, CEO Jung von Matt – and all the replies were such a splash. Totally irrelevant, no tangible outcome, a lot of Ego-Content and no improvement at all !