I am not going to comment and post anymore on Corona/ Covid-19.

I am – as most of you – not able to distinguish what is right or wrong.  Too much content, data, different views, politics, “experts”, futurists, historians.

I can`t predict the future, and I will not speculate about it. Also, all the political bashing is not helping the ones affected.

Life is different and will be different.

No one is indifferent to the effects of this pandemic.

I do not want to end without showing my appreciation to all the people working day and night to overcome this situation, especially the medical teams.

Stay safe and well at home!


Even with #COVID19 and #Corona, the world is still beautiful.

Stay at home!

Now is the time to do everything we can to prevent the situation from getting much worse in a matter of days or weeks. Every hour counts.

If everyone works together, we should be able to adjust to the new rules over the next few weeks.

Tips for using hashtags on LinkedIn

Contrary to belief, hashtags are not only fashionable and useful on Twitter and Instagram. Content can be grouped and followed by people. Most of it should be common sense, but you know ... 
#1 - Make sure your hashtags are visible 
#2 - Don’t use too many hashtags  (don`t overdo it!)
#3 - Format your hashtags (LinkedIn supports you)
#4 - Combine hashtags with your message
#5 - Place hashtags sensibly (see also #2)
#6 - Create your hashtags (they might be trending at some stage)
#7 - Don’t use hashtags for mentions
#8 - Test your hashtags (see also #5)
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