Quarterly rant

Welcome to the quarterly #rant of spammy emails I receive on LinkedIn. I don’t usually write rants, but the messaging functionality and the amount and quality of messages are annoying.

Here are some examples of poor LinkedIn prospecting emails:

“I was looking at your profile” <97% a lie>

“Would you be interested in hearing more about XXXX, they offer amazing

benefits and have a great culture!”

“Just introducing myself.”

“Our business.”

“Please forgive the direct approach.”

“Our service is.”

“We are looking for Business Partner and Mentor, Angel Investor for a start-up marketing company.”

“Have you ever thought about adding a Digital Marketing department to your business?”

“I hope you don’t mind receiving this InMail.”

“As a way of saying thank you to my network, I would like to offer you a free subscription to xxx”

Some advice:

Be relevant, be informed, do your homework first!

Build the relationship, add value and nurture your new contact.

I am reacting on mails

I am buying if I am interested

I am connecting to people.

But it needs to be relevant somehow.

This post sounds like a rant, and it is. But I want everyone to avoid sending emails like this.

I know you need to sell but do yourself a favour and do your research!

Your success and conversion rate will show