Content Marketing Consultants or making the splash!

You all remember the guys in a public swimming pool.

They happen to appear in groups, a group of five maybe – one is either ugly, small, fattish or all of the above.

So, what are they doing? Do they get all the attention they want or they think deserve?

No, of course not! What are they doing about it?

They make a belly-flop and everybody is wet!

Does this make any sense? Any impact on the public? Do they get the blonde? Are they perceived differently by their friends? No, of course not!

A clear symptom, I observed a lot on conferences and in the media. Bashing colleagues especially from a different continent, making statements that the industry has failed, declaring an own point of view without any sense, is the big splash they are trying to make. 

Nothing wrong with having an edge or making a point! And no need to agree with anyone.

But these attention getters in the swimming pool share the same fate. They are still alone after the dust settled. Everybody is looking once the bomb hits the water, then they might get wet and then they fall into contempt. What an idiot!

The discussion in Germany – triggered by Thomas Strerath, CEO Jung von Matt – and all the replies were such a splash. Totally irrelevant, no tangible outcome, a lot of Ego-Content and no improvement at all !




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