Empty shelves

Germany is certainly seeing a large increase in the number of infections, with upwards of 7,000 daily cases since last week, which suggests that we are entering a second wave.

This is from the supermarket today – stockpiling of toilet paper and hoarding starts again.

Uncertainty grows along with cases.
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We are in this together

If you’ve recently been laid off or furloughed and we’ve worked together in the past, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know how I can help you.

– Can I endorse you? Or put you in touch with someone?
– Need a pick-me-up conversation?
– Need any career guidance or recommendations?
– Or just a zoom cocktail?

I copied this post from a connection, and I encourage others to copy it from me. We are a community and I’m happy to do my part to support you.

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Corona thoughts

In these unprecented times, a lot of companies are concerned about their brand.

Today I stumbled across this quote:

“Brand is another word for reputation or image. And you don’t get a reputation just by claiming something.”

Dave Trott

And you don’t decide what your brand is. Customers and audience do!

Faces Behind Masks

Ich bin ehrenamtlich als Ambassador für die DACH Region bei “Faces Behind Masks” tätig. 


Was macht “Faces Behind Masks”?

Faces Behind Masks ist eine globale Non-Profit-Initiative – gegründet mit der Mission, medizinisches Personal überall auf der Welt mit kostenlosen, lächelnden Fotostickern auszurüsten, die sie auf ihrer Schutzkleidung anbringen können. Patienten und medizinische Teams entwickeln durch die Sticker eine persönliche Bindung und Nähe.

Faces Behind Masks stellt als Non-Profit-Organisation, die Plattform sowie die Lösung zur Erstellung der Druckdaten bereit. Der digitale Druckdienstleister spendet die Sticker mit dem eigenen Logo (Material, Druck, Versand) an das Krankenhaus. Wir sind bereits in 19 Ländern aktiv und haben gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern medizinische Pflegekräfte mit über 1 Millionen Fotostickern ausgestattet.

Wenn Sie Kontakte zu Krankenhäusern und Pflegeeinrichtungen haben und uns unterstützen wollen, melden Sie sich bitte bei mir.

TREETS is back


TREETS became M&M (Mars)

And now – after 30 years – it is back.

It was yellow before, but the taste is still the same

Anyone over the age of 30 is sure to feel a little nostalgic that a lost confection that disappeared from shelves across Europe in the 1980s is making a comeback.  The owners Mars let its rights to the brand slip.

Corona Quotes

“In the rush to return to normal, let’s use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

Dave Hollis

Quarterly rant

Welcome to the quarterly #rant of spammy emails I receive on LinkedIn. I don’t usually write rants, but the messaging functionality and the amount and quality of messages are annoying.

Here are some examples of poor LinkedIn prospecting emails:

“I was looking at your profile” <97% a lie>

“Would you be interested in hearing more about XXXX, they offer amazing

benefits and have a great culture!”

“Just introducing myself.”

“Our business.”

“Please forgive the direct approach.”

“Our service is.”

“We are looking for Business Partner and Mentor, Angel Investor for a start-up marketing company.”

“Have you ever thought about adding a Digital Marketing department to your business?”

“I hope you don’t mind receiving this InMail.”

“As a way of saying thank you to my network, I would like to offer you a free subscription to xxx”

Some advice:

Be relevant, be informed, do your homework first!

Build the relationship, add value and nurture your new contact.

I am reacting on mails

I am buying if I am interested

I am connecting to people.

But it needs to be relevant somehow.

This post sounds like a rant, and it is. But I want everyone to avoid sending emails like this.

I know you need to sell but do yourself a favour and do your research!

Your success and conversion rate will show

Some takeaways of Corona and “business as usual”

You are not “working from home”, you are “at home, during a crisis, trying to work”

You should not try to compensate for lost productivity by working longer hours.

Be kind to yourself and don´t judge how you are coping based on how you see others coping. Don´t stress yourself too much.

Be kind to others and don´t judge others in how they are coping based on how you are coping.

Success will not be measured the same way it was when things were normal.

Will there be a “Business-as-usual” (BAU) after the crisis?

There is a critical window of time when businesses must adapt to survive.  Flexibility must be a key component to a recovery plan as there is no way to predict what we might be up against.

To truly move forward, we will need to create a “new normal” that allows a business to operate despite challenges. Crisis or crisis mode can be ‘business as usual’ with enough planning.

The transition period may last anywhere from a month to more than a year depending on the size and scope of the pandemic impacts.

Ich, Christian Gericke (Wohnort: Deutschland), verarbeite zum Betrieb dieser Website personenbezogene Daten nur im technisch unbedingt notwendigen Umfang. Alle Details dazu in meiner Datenschutzerklärung.
Ich, Christian Gericke (Wohnort: Deutschland), verarbeite zum Betrieb dieser Website personenbezogene Daten nur im technisch unbedingt notwendigen Umfang. Alle Details dazu in meiner Datenschutzerklärung.